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The easiest solution for managing 301 redirects from your apex domain (SSL included).

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The easiest Apex solution

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Apex domains (otherwise known as root, naked, bare, or base) are difficult to manage.

ApexWise provides a simple redirect service for these domains to take the headache out of managing these domains.


Our solution works with all DNS providers and only takes seconds to get up and running.


Built on top of a global edge network, your users will be served from a local server at lightning speed.


Built on auto-scaling technology ready to meet enterprise needs.


Free, automatically renewed SSL certificates included, automatic redirect from http to https.

What's the big deal anyway?


Websites should resolve on both apex ( and non-apex (e.g domains, however both require different handling in the DNS layer. For improved SEO you should choose one (typically and redirect the other, so you do not appear to have duplicate content on multiple domains.

The majority of DNS providers do not provide a built in solution for redirecting apex domains, or if they do it is lacking (e.g without https, limited control over redirect). This means many IT teams run redirect services purely to redirect this traffic, which means maintaining static IPs, certificates, and redirect rules in a custom service that needs maintaining.

ApexWise provides a robust, global network that minimizes latency and ensures a highly robust platform to manage these domains. It removes the need to run your own redirect services, or manage certificates to service your end users. It is API enabled, allowing your development teams the ability to automate this setup process entirely. SEO is also improved, as search engines receive valid responses at apex domains, that otherwise may perform poorly or not resolve at all.

Full Control

Easily control redirection target for each domain. Edit rules at any stage and see them take effect immediately.

http[s] support

Support for both http and https on your Apex domain. Redirect to either http or https.

Advanced redirects

Optionally use regex and capture groups to create complex redirection rules.

Custom headers

Inject custom headers, control HSTS policy and other security headers for increased security posture.


Hourly, monthly and all time aggregate hit counters for full visibility into apex domain requests.

Universal support

Works with QuantCDN, Heroku, Netlify, Vercel, AWS - you name it. Our generic implementation will work for all platforms.

Privacy first

No cookies, trackers, hidden pixels or other junk here.

Improve your SEO

Prevent duplicate content and improve SEO posture by redirecting with minimal latency.

Simple setup

No need to run your own infrastructure for this ever again - simply add your domains and walk away.

Enterprise ready

Bulk volume pricing and API support available - ApexWise is built for scale.

Pricing plans

Simple pricing.


  • 3 domains
  • Auto SSL renewal


  • 25 domains
  • Auto SSL renewal


  • 100 domains
  • Auto SSL renewal
  • 5 team members


  • 300 domains
  • Auto SSL renewal
  • 10 team members
  • API access
Simple setup process



Add Domains

Manage your domains and redirects (e.g from to from the ApexWise Dashboard.


Configure DNS

Add a simple A Record to your DNS pointing at our global Anycast network.



You will receive a notification when DNS is engaged and SSL certificates are successfully provisioned.

No hassle, no fuss. Lifetime free subscription for up to 3 domains.

Free for 3 domains

Built and managed by QuantCDN on our global edge network.