Frequently Asked Questions


Why does ApexWise exist?

Apex domains are any domain that has no sub-domain in front (e.g example.com as apposed to www.example.com). It is a subtle difference that needs to be managed in completely different ways at the DNS layer.

Many hosting providers and SaaS platforms allow you to attach a custom domain to their service, but only support CNAME records which are not supported on the root domain. For this reason, many people need to run redirect services or find specific DNS providers that can accommodate for the apex domain. Managing TLS and certificates for these domains is also a hassle - ApexWise removes the headache and lets you manage these domains with advanced redirection options (and did we mention it's free?)

Why do I see a certificate error on my apex domain after setting up DNS?

We check for engaged DNS every minute and automatically generate certificates when we detect correct DNS values. Due to the nature of DNS propagation there can be delays in this process though, and very rarely the automated process can fail. You can manually trigger the certificate generation process by clicking the "Renew" button next to your domain in the dashboard.

What actions can I perform via API?

The API is fully-featured, allowing you to query, create, and manage all domains and redirections within an ApexWise account.

Can I have more than 300 domains or 10 team members?

Of course! Bulk pricing options are available. Contact us via the support widget in the dashboard with your requirements.

Does it work with non-apex domains?

While bare domains are the primary target ApexWise will work with non-apex domains just fine. Some customers use our advanced redirection support to redirect traffic away from decommissioned domains depending on route (for instance redirect /api/* to api.example.com, /docs/* to docs.example.com etc).

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